Oil Sprays (Dieter’s Friend)

A popular tip for dieters is to use a spray oil when cooking rather than bottled oil, giving a controlled fine coating of a pan or food rather than a thick layering, saving a considerable number of calories each time you cook.  These come in a convenient spray can with a selection of different oil “flavors” to choose from.

However as they are about £2.20 per 190ml can I had a look around to see what else is available (I could see 1 litre bottles of oil from only £1.50)

One of the things I noticed on checking the ingredients of the spray oils is that they work out at 520 calories per 100ml and 52grams of fat in comparison to standard oils which are around 900 calories per 100ml and are 100% fat.  I checked to see why the sprays were only 52g and noticed in the ingredients list that they are only 53% oil and the rest was made up of water, alcohol, flavoring and other additives which accounted for the reduced calories.  This means that you are paying about £2.20 per 100ml of oil when standard oils are from as little as 15p per 100ml

I remember seeing some oil spray pumps somewhere and decided to invest in one which you fill with your own preferred oil and use in the same way as the canned spray.

A quick look on the internet just now found that these are available from as little as £2.50 in a variety of shapes and colors and you can therefore continue to use your preferred oil (and not having it sit in the cupboard unused or thrown out because you are on a diet).  I currently have olive oil in mine but remember that extra virgin olive oil is not recommended for cooking so go for a standard one or any other type of oil.

Remember that the oil in your pump spray has double the calories of the can spray but my experience is that you tend to need two sprays from the can anyway so for a little more than the price of one of the spray cans, you can continue to use your favorite oil with a clear conscience and save a few more pennies along the way.  In addition to this you are not using any of the extra additives that are in the spray can just the pure ingredients



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