Quick tip for Grapes


A quick and easy tip today;

Grapes are a tasty and sweet treat that are also packed with lot of healthy nutrients like vitamin C and antioxidants (need to keep stocked up on these with winter coming) but they can be quite expensive at about £2.50 per 500g punnet so I will usually only buy grapes on their sell by date from the reduced shelf at my local supermarket.

I have found a way to keep them fresh and tasty for much longer (if they don’t get eaten first..) so that they don’t end up getting thrown out and wasted

When I get them home I wash them and dry (just pat them dry with a clean tea towel or kitchen roll) and wash the container out and dry.

Fold and place a couple of pieces of kitchen roll into the original container and place the grapes back into the container.

You can now place the grapes into the fridge where they are ready for a snack attack or any other time you want them.  I have found that they can keep for up to another week kept like this (if they last that long)

I don’t fully understand why this works but it seems that the kitchen roll absorbs the moisture in the fridge and this helps prevent the grapes from going off so quickly.

If I have bought grapes before their sell by dates they can last up to two weeks.

For some reason this seems to work better with the red grapes than the green (I prefer the reds anyway so that’s all good) as I find the green ones get brown spots (which may be OK but it puts me off so I only get the reds)



4 responses to “Quick tip for Grapes

  1. That’s very useful to know, Su. I do much the same when I buy mushrooms. If I leave them in their supermarket bag they quickly go damp and slimy sometimes within a couple of days. Simply drying them before I put them in the fridge after shopping and putting them in an open plastic box lined with kitchen roll lets me keep them fresh for many days longer.

  2. oooh – I hadn’t thought of doing it with mushrooms Sylvia – thanks

  3. Mushrooms last longer if you keep them in a paper bag. Not sure why though.

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