Gran’s Pinnie

Many of my ‘tips’ are not anything new (although some of them are to me) but I’ve noticed that we are having to re-learn many of the things our grandparents did automatically as they had to “make do and mend” and they certainly didn’t have as much money or many of the luxuries we have now.  This is one of those where I will recommend making a small investment to be able to save money in the long term.

As a child visiting my Gran during the summer holidays, she always wore a “pinnie” or housework coat whenever we were at home.  She would do all her chores; cleaning out and making the fire,  shaking out and beating the mats outside (they lived in a 150 year old Pennine cottage) etc wearing this coat.

Once she had completed all her jobs the coat would be removed to reveal a smart dress all ready to walk out to the shops or go on an outing for the day.

A couple of years ago after making several batches of Jams and Marmalades, I realized that I had ruined a couple of t-shirts with some of the splashes which would not wash out because I had not thought to put on an apron or had got bleach marks on something when cleaning.  I then started to try and get into the habit of putting on an apron whenever I was cooking.  I also tried to make sure that I changed into old clothes whenever I was at home as I would start doing something and realize that I was getting dust or cleaning splashes on my clothes (it also protected my better clothes from picking up too many hairs from the small furry member of the household)

About a year ago we visited a (very sensible) friend for dinner and after a lovely meal I offered to help with the washing up.  I was surprised when she offered me a tabbard style apron to wear while washing up and I realized that although it was not a fashionable thing to do; it was very practical and gave my (slightly better) clothes some protection from splashes.I searched on the internet and found that there was a huge variety of tabbards available in all shapes, sizes and colours and decided to invest in a very pretty one for about £7.

Now I make a point of wearing this whenever doing housework or an apron whenever I am cooking or washing up and find that it is worth the investment as it not only protects your clothes from stains or bleach marks, but saves on washing as you are not then having to change and wash something that you have only just put on because you have managed to splash something on it therefore making your clothes last longer too.

With our modern lifestyles and cleaner homes this is one of the practical things which has gone out of fashion or has been forgotten but I think it is a cheap and practical way to be able to make your clothes last longer and save on washing.


2 responses to “Gran’s Pinnie

  1. Such an easy, sensible, but often overlooked tip!

    I usually get a new pinny each Christmas. 🙂 I tend to wear the style that’s an apron with a ‘bib’ to protect my whole front and I have an old pair of jeans I wear just for floor cleaning and bathroom cleaning in. You’re right, no matter how careful I think I’m being, one stray splash of bleach or blackcurrant juice can spoil a piece of clothing for good!

    Keep those tips coming please. I hope you soon have a wider audience and a good long list of followers. The world needs this common sense which is far less common these days!!

  2. thanks Sylvia – more to come

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