My “New” Cardigan


When I started to lose some weight, it wasn’t too long before I was needing to aquire new clothes and with a limited budget this would take some imaginative thinking.

As well as having a limited budget for new clothes I was reluctant to spend much money on clothes which I hoped would become too big for me eventually and need replacing themselves.  I am not one for some of the cheaper stores as I am still fussy about what I wear and think that a good quality item is worth paying a little more for if it lasts longer and you get a lot of wear out of it (I think in terms of cost per wear rather that the basic price of an item)

Having become fairly proficient at hunting down bargains as the winter came last year I needed to replace the cardigans that had been favorites in previous years but was having difficulty finding any at a price I was prepared to pay.

I then started thinking about making one myself and discovered that I could make one for less than £10.  So off I went, purchased some wool and a pattern and made myself a “nice cardie”

As I was making it I also realized that I could be even more frugal in that if I succeeded in losing even more weight, I could unpick the cardigan and remake it in a smaller size.

So during this last summer, having decided that the cardigan I made last year is now too big (plus I didn’t like the length) I unpicked it and have just finished re-making it 2 or 3 sizes smaller and now have a “new” cardigan which is just the right size and length for no additional cost.

I’m now working on a jumper too with the same thought in mind – will I be able to recycle them next year???? – watch this space


One response to “My “New” Cardigan

  1. Saw said cardigan this morning and it looks very good! Well done!
    (My Nanna taught me to knit, but I never did master the art of keeping an even tension, so my efforts were never very successful or satisfying.)

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