Anyone for cakes????

It’s not often now that I bake cakes but occasionally I get asked to make some for church and as I am about to make a batch this afternoon I thought I would share one of my favorite baking tips.

Any bakers out there will know that this is a well established easy “tip” but it is amazing how many people do not know this so here it is:

The great thing too is that you will be able to leave the recipe book on the shelf:

For a standard basic sponge mix I weigh the eggs first (with or without the shells as there is very little difference) – usually this is 3 eggs.  Whatever these 3 eggs weigh becomes the weight required for self raising flour, margarine and sugar: so if 3 eggs weigh 180g then you need 180g of flour, 180g margarine and 180g caster sugar.  I sometimes add a teaspoon of baking powder as well to make the cakes even lighter.  Then simply beat all the ingredients together until the mixture is combined and creamy.  Divide into your baking tins and bake at around 170degrees until done.

The beauty also of this method that it is very adaptable and easy to adjust for quantities.  For example, sometimes as a treat for Sunday dinner I will make a mix using just one egg for a sponge pudding.  Alternatively if you need to make a bigger cake or number of muffins/”fairy” cakes then you can increase the proportions accordingly.

As most cake recipes give a number of eggs and then the various weights of ingredients you will often find that even though you use the same recipe, the cakes often come out differently each time.  This is because the eggs vary in size so much that the cake batter will be dryer or more liquid depending on the eggs you are using.  With this method it doesn’t matter what size the eggs are, you will always get the same consistency with your mix and I find that mine are always light and moist.


3 responses to “Anyone for cakes????

  1. I don’t often make cakes now either, but I’m one of the people who missed learning this very helpful information!! I’ll be using it from now on 🙂 Thanks for another good tip!

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