The Tale of Squeaky Mouse


Today Squeaky mouse went for a good long run.

First he ran under my chair and then he ran along the front of the sofa and tried to hide under the corner of the red throw but he couldn’t hide for long.   “She” was after him, and soon he made a dash out into the hallway and then through to the kitchen but the fridge got in the way so after a quick circuit of the kitchen, he went back through the hallway and into the living room and rejoined his friends Ratty and Rattytwo by the scratch mat and all the toys.

“She” had been terrified of him when he first came to live here, sat on top of a spring he would squeak loudly whenever he was pushed and “She” would not even come into the room if he was there but watch from the safe distance of the doorway nervously.  “She” had never met a squeaky mouse before and really didn’t know what to make of him.

Eventually he got off his spring and as sat quietly by the scratch mat “She” got a little braver and with a little encouragement began play with him and he became one of her favorite toys with lots of midnight games of tag around the living room with squeaky mouse shouting each time “She” caught him and tossed him in the air or chased him around the room.

Sometimes he would manage to hide for a few days under the armchair or in the kitchen until the humans realized he was missing and found him and brought him back out onto the scratch mat along with all her other toys.

When we first adopted our cat, I bought this toy for her thinking she would love to play with it – it was a little fabric toy mouse on top of a spring on a board which the cat could pat and play with and it would squeak every time it was hit.

Did “She” like it? – NO! in fact she was scared of it and would not even come into the room while it was down on the floor so after several attempts to get her to play with it “Daddy” took the mouse off the spring and just left it on the floor along with a couple of other toys – it would still squeak if you hit or threw it and eventually she became brave enough to begin to play with it on her own.

Now she will suddenly spot it amongst all her other toys and leap on it and chase and throw it around the room as she did today – We’ve never understood why she disliked it before but it quickly became one of her favorites, even looking for it if we asked her “where’s squeaky mouse?”

Cats are fickle aren’t they.


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