Where is the Foodbank Collection Box???

Foodbank’s have been in the news a bit recently along with a lot of news about food wastage.  About a year ago I began to get involved a little with our local Foodbank helping on a couple of occasions when they needed extra help.

Recently I spent a couple of hours at the entrance of our local supermarket giving out leaflets to help with a collection of extra stocks the foodbank needed.  Many families on low incomes need extra help over the summer holidays because their children are at home and not getting the school dinners that they are entitled to, and there had been a huge increase in the numbers of people needing help so stocks were running low.

The majority of people were friendly and keen to do a little to help – we were just asking them to purchase something extra with their shop and donate it at the collection point on their way out.

A few people though were antagonistic and said that it was all the governments fault or the supermarket’s greed (their annual results had been published that day) and I thought to myself “I hope that you don’t find yourself needing to go to a Foodbank one day”.

Anyway the days collection was deemed successful and the supermarket involved made a donation too as well as allowing some of their staff to help with the collection on the day.

Today as I walked through a supermarket,  I noticed a collection box for food donations for one of the animal charities (sorry didn’t notice which one) – It was packed full which was great.  Then I looked around and thought “Why is there not a collection box for the Foodbank or some other similar charity?” and yes; being a little cynical wondered if those same people who objected to the Foodbank collection felt the same way about the animal charities?  My hunch was that they would have gladly given to a pet charity.  At the end of the day – which is more important? – where are our priorities?

Now don’t get me wrong, I love animals and think the animal shelters do a fantastic job, but why are we so reluctant to do the same for our fellow man, why do we happily give to overseas and animal charities but ignore the needs of our neighbour?

Just a thought.


One response to “Where is the Foodbank Collection Box???

  1. glad to see that our local Tescos now has one in place

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