More Cake please?

When I made some cakes at the weekend using my usual method; (  I had looked on the internet for a Diabetic Friendly recipe as the purpose of the event was in honor of a couple of friends.  One of whom is trying to follow a diabetic diet, and I also knew there were several other people who needed to be careful with their sugar intake.

I was amazed that nearly all the recipes seemed to use Sugar Substitutes and artificial sweeteners.  Having read that these can actually contribute to the Development of Diabetes ( I was reluctant to use any of them and concluded that the best thing to do was to just make small “fairy” cakes and leave some un-iced so that my friends could choose a lower sugar option.

This bugged me that it was a less than satisfactory solution and so I set about doing a little more research and established that it was not just the sugar that was a problem but the sugars released from carbohydrates too.

I already knew that whole grains and wholemeal flour etc had what is known as a Lower GI(glycemic index) giving a slower and more controlled release of sugars and established that this was a better option for Diabetics so making cakes with wholemeal flour would be a better option and saw that I could buy Wholemeal Self Raising Flour in my local supermarket.

Having some pears in the fridge I thought that if I cooked them down into a puree, I could substitute them for the sugar in my basic cake mix

So off I trotted to my supermarket to get some wholemeal flour and proceeded with my plan.

This is the result:

I asked my friends to test this and they gave it the thumbs up saying that it help to keep them feeling full and did not appear to have any significant effect on the blood sugar levels


2 responses to “More Cake please?

  1. I also used a margarine which is dairy free

  2. foodneedslove

    Using overripe bananas would also be a good idea for a natural sweetner and oat flour could be substituted instead of wholemeal flour for a different taste. The recipe you have there looks really nice though! Making me hungry…

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