A Girl Loves shoes (or rather the Sneaker Balls in them)


Shoes are not safe in our house – especially if they contain leather and have to be kept away from the furry one unless you want some extra decoration, but trainers etc are usually safe from curious paws.

Last night after we had gone to bed there were a few yowls from downstairs.  As they didn’t persist, we ignored them and went to sleep.

Normally we will feed the furry one her supper and head straight to bed as we have learned that if we start doing something else, she will muck about and want to play so usually as long as we head straight upstairs, she will eat up and run off into the living room and settle down for the night.

As “daddy” was still downstairs when I fed her, she of course wanted to play – hence the yowls later.

When we got up in the morning, there was one of my shoes in the middle of the hallway minus the sneaker ball freshener that was in it.

After a bit of a hunt I found it under the shoe rack, out of the reach of little paws.

The cries had obviously been “Daddy – I’ve lost my ball – will you come and get it for me please?”

You see she has discovered that these balls have holes in them which she can hook a claw into and pull out of the trainer and play with and takes great delight in doing this.  This usually means making sure that the trainers are positioned in such a way that the ball is right down in the toe of the shoe and she will usually then leave them alone although she thinks it is great fun to pull a shoe of the rack and play with it so that she can get her paw down the shoe and hook out the ball.

Along with her other toys, we then have to go on a hunt to find them again

Never a dull moment with a furry one in the house


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