The Chicken (Part 1)

This week with the colder weather coming and after promising hubby some home made chicken soup I bought a 2.5kg chicken costing just under £7.  A bit big for just the two of us but I find that it is the most cost efficient way of buying chicken, especially since I learned how easy it is to portion one up and put into the freezer for later use and the larger chickens tend to have a greater proportion of meat on them.

I was also able to use a voucher for £1.50 off for spending over £6 on chicken and this also meant that my total shopping (including some I do for an elderly relative) tipped over £40 enabling me to use another £5 off voucher – so a virtually free chicken – yeah!!

So – what to do with it….

First – remove the small furry member of the household and shut the kitchen door ignoring all the protests from the other side.

Sometimes when I have a chicken I will simply stuff it with shop bought sage & onion stuffing, roast it and then make dishes with it over the next few days; but with the size chicken I had, that was going to take a long time in the oven and I wanted to try and be a bit more economical with the electricity usage; so I decided that I would not cook the whole chicken

The first thing is to cut up the chicken into smaller pieces ready and there are videos available on line that demonstrate this,  but this is the way I do it.

Turn the chicken over so that the breast side is faced down.

Pull a chicken leg out and towards you and you will eventually feel the thigh bone disconnect from the main part of the body.  You can then cut through the gap with a sharp knife and separate the leg away (kitchen scissors are handy here too as sometime the skin is a little awkward) .  Repeat for the other side.

You can either leave the leg whole or feel for the knee joint and cut through again at this point so that you have a drumstick and a thigh from each side.

Turn the chicken around and do the same with the wing – you should be able to feel where the joint is and cut through at this point.

Once you have removed the legs and wings, turn the chicken over so that the breast side is faced upwards.

You will see a bone going down the middle.

With your sharp knife, cut along this bone using it as a guide for your knife and carefully follow the bone down until you can remove the whole piece.  Repeat for the other side.

Depending on the size of your chicken you can cut the breast into two, you can remove the lower flap part as well if you wish.   My chicken was big enough to get 4 x 130g breast pieces and a nice lot of meat for using as chicken pieces (the supermarkets charge about £4 for these bits!!!)

If you are wanting to watch your fat intake then remove the skin and discard.

This left me with 4 chicken breasts, 2 lots of breast meat pieces, 2 chicken thighs, 2 chicken drumsticks and a carcass with quite a lot of meat still on it.

All of this can then be bagged up and popped in the freezer for a later time.

Come back for part 2 and find out what I did with it all – and don’t forget to make sure that your hands, utensils and worktops etc are carefully washed afterwards.


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