The Chicken – Part 2 (Quick Sunday Roast)

After cutting up my chicken yesterday, ( – today I planned on a quick Sunday Roast – not only saving on time but significantly reducing the cooking time saving on electricity costs too.

I started with my vegetables (Potatoes, Carrots & Parsnips) – true to my post I just scrubbed the vegetables and then chopped them up.

I chopped them into smaller pieces than usual so that they would cook more quickly.

One Diet tip I picked up a few years ago is to part boil your veg with a stock cube before roasting.  You can then put them into a hot oven on a preheated tray without the need for any fat as they take on some flavour and colour from the stock cube (save the water for making a delicious gravy.

I then made a small amount of sage & onion stuffing (from a shop bought economy pack) and then took the two chicken thighs which I had saved from yesterday.  I lifted up some of the skin and placed some stuffing under each one and put into a small roasting dish.

If you are being extra good and had removed the skin, then spread some of the stuffing mix on top and cover to prevent it from drying out too much.

Roast the veg and chicken for between 30 and 45 minutes and enjoy with some more green veg of your choice.


This is also a great way for a quick midweek roast


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