I’m Hungry!!

The service around here is terrible.  You can’t get a meal when you want it and the servants have all disappeared.  Even when they are here you have to keep asking before they do what you tell them.

I’m getting really really hungry now – where are they? Oh there’s the gate that must be them now.

Where have you been?  Do you realise what the time is? How long is it going to take for you to prepare dinner? I’m really hungry and can’t wait a minute longer.

Come on now, get to it.  No don’t take your coat off first.  What? No you have not got time to go to the bathroom first or put the shopping away.

I want my dinner now before you do any thing else, did you hear me NOW!  Nowww

I’ll head butt your leg!! ooooooh I do like my ears tickled.  What? No don’t distract me I want my Dinner!!!!


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