Women Drivers

It was late 1961 and 21 year old Avril had driven the 25 miles into London to collect her auntie from Victoria Coach Station.  She was looking forward to showing off her 6 month old baby son who was sleeping in his carry cot on the back seat.  Although it had only been a few months since Avril had passed her driving test, she already had a lot of experience as she helped her husband’s business by doing a lot of the small delivery jobs.

She was quite proud of herself for passing her test at her first attempt as she didn’t know many other women that could drive, especially those of her age.

She was driving the family’s Morris Oxford Estate car which was quite big for a small dainty young woman but she was used to it as she drove it most days.

Just outside the coach station she spotted a parking space and carefully went through her parallel parking routine and expertly positioned the car in the center of the space.  She turned off the engine and was then startled by a tap on the window.

It was a police officer, so she wound the window down and asked “Is everything alright officer? I am allowed to park here aren’t I?”

“Yes everything’s fine Miss but you’ve just cost me 10 bob” he replied.

“Oh Dear” said Avril “I’m sorry but I don’t understand how”

The officer replied “I was standing over there with my colleague and I saw a young woman driving a big car and I bet him 10 bob that you wouldn’t be able to get this big car into this space, but I was proved wrong ”  They both laughed ” Well done anyway Miss, Have a good day and safe journey home


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