Laundry Tip

Does your Laundry/Airing cupboard disintegrate into chaos and you have trouble finding everything you are looking for?

Well here’s a simple little tip I’ve picked up which will help.

When you’ve washed and ironed your bed linen, sort and fold everything you need for each bed set (sheets, pillow cases, duvet cover etc) into a pile for each set.

Then take one pillow case from the set (if you have matching sets then the one which helps identify which set you want) and carefully place all the bed linen for each set inside the pillow case and fold down the pillow case over itself.

You can then place the set into your cupboard and when you next want to change your bed linen, everything is together in an organised bundle which you can simply remove without having to sort through to find the right number of pillow cases or the correct sheet for different size beds.

By using the pillow cover you can easily identify the set you wish to use and your cupboard stays neat and tidy



One response to “Laundry Tip

  1. I love this! How is it that I hadn’t heard (or worked out for myself 😛 ) such a simple, effective tip?! I’ve reorganised my airing cupboard accordingly. Thanks Su!

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