Christmas Cards

A few years ago I decided to stop sending Christmas Cards – or at least greatly reduce the number I was sending.

We used to end up sending something like 100 cards and many of those were to people we see on a regular basis (even on Christmas Day) so as well as being an expense which I wanted to reduce, it seems better too for the environment as most people then throw a huge stack of cards in the recycling bin at the end of the Christmas holidays.

Cards can be quite expensive and as I usually sent a letter with the cards to people that I don’t see regularly, I decided to still send the letter with perhaps a nice photo incorporated and explain that we were trying to be a little more economical and also do a little bit to save the environment and wastage.

Most people I have found value receiving a letter more than a card and therefore appreciated being remembered – many times I have heard of people who say “we decided not to send a letter this year” only to be bombarded with complaints that the letter was missed – especially if you don’t see people because you live too far apart.  They still like to know what your year has been like (be selective though over boasting about little Johny’s achievements)

So now I will send a few cards, mainly just to family (who obviously don’t need the letter)

You could maybe (if you have free land-line calls) give someone a telephone call instead of sending a card or letter – postage is so expensive now I’m sure they would love to speak you


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