I Will be Organised!!!!

This time of year gets busy for everyone and although I’m not in paid employment I still have quite a busy life and with some of the extra things occupying me at the moment, I realised that I had almost forgotten several birthdays (about half my extended family seem to have theirs in November, December and early new year)

I was going through my new diary for next year writing all the birthdays in and writing the cards required for the next few weeks when I hit on the idea of preparing all the cards for next year at the same time.

I know of some people who prepare a load of cards and simply put the date on the top of the card where the stamp would go so that they know when to post it.

I had already accumulated a stack of birthday and blank cards so I set to work to see how far I could get with what I had in stock.

I thought about actually writing them, but decided not to as that would give me flexibility to change the cards if I saw something nearer the time that would be a better match.  The important thing was that people received a card to show that they had been remembered.

So; I found some sticky labels (the ones like post it notes that you can write on or mark a place/piece of paper with) and wrote the persons name and the date of their birthday on it.  I then attached it to the selected card and created a pile in date order which I then placed into a folder (you could use something like a shoe box if you have a lot more cards.

I did quite well and managed to cover the majority with using a selection of nice blank cards too.

Birthday cards are quite expensive now with most of them costing £2 or £3, and then you have the cost of postage on top.  You can save a bit of money by purchasing a couple of packs of nice note cards and using them.  I found some really nice quality ones which were only £2 for 10 so you can mix and match them as well as having cards ready for anything else like a thank you note or a get well card.

While I was doing this, I made a note of the people or events that I will still need obtain cards for; things like wedding anniversaries or special birthdays so when I am next in a shop looking at cards, I have some idea of which ones I need buy.



One response to “I Will be Organised!!!!

  1. Since I can rarely find appropriate cards at the time I need them, I’m on the look out all year round. As soon as I see something I know I’ll use, either suited to a particular person or attractive blank cards for general use, I buy it. Then I too have a folder with a pocket for each month (labelled with the birthdays, anniversaries etc which fall in them), into which i place the cards. It saves money, saves time and makes sure the cards I send have a more personal touch because they’re chosen with the recipients’ interests in mind.

    Hadn’t used post-its to tag, but I like that idea. Thanks for another good tip!

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