The Box of Burgers Part 1 (Sausage Rolls)


A few weeks ago we acquired a catering size box of burgers which were surplus to their original need.  As hubby is yeast intolerant, I have been coming up with alternative uses for them to just simply putting them into a roll.

This set of blogs will share some of the ideas I’ve used; I will add some of the others later but this is the latest one.

I needed to get something extra to take out with us as we had a busy day scheduled and thinking ahead to Christmas I was intending to make some pastry to put into the freezer ready to make some sausage rolls and mince pies etc but as yet I have not had time.  When I did my shopping this week I noticed some ready rolled lower fat puff pastry on BOGOF so decided to get some as I’m not sure if I will get that time to make my own.

I had also considered buying some sausage meat to make some sausage rolls but decided to leave that for next week forgetting that I needed extra supplies for a packed lunch/tea.

Then I remembered the burgers!!

I got a couple out of the freezer to defrost (they are quite large so two was plenty) and a pack of the ready rolled pastry,

When they had thawed, I reshaped the burgers into a couple of long sausage shapes and placed them on my pastry and rolled them to make my sausage rolls. I brushed them with a little milk for colour and then popped them into a pre-heated oven at 220 degrees for about 25 – 30 minutes. The end result was some very tasty sausage rolls.

I made 8 medium sized ones but this could have made about 16-20 “bite sized”

As I had some pastry left over so I cut it into squares and made some little jam tarts



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