Quick Baking Tip

I’ve just been doing a bit of baking and thought I would share this simple tip I use for rolling out pastry.

Once your pastry is made and chilled ready to roll out, take a large piece of clingfilm and spread it out onto a clean worktop.

Place your pastry into the middle and then lay another piece of clingfilm over the top.

You can then begin to roll out your pastry in between the two layers.

Every couple of “rolls”, turn and lift off the top piece of clingfilm and replace lightly over the top.

After a couple more “rolls” turn the whole lot over and remove what was the bottom piece, replace and keep rolling.

Keep repeating this process until your pastry is the required thickness and shape.

If you have a lot of pastry then you may find it easier to roll in two parts depending on the size of clingfilm you have.

The great thing with this tip is that it keeps your rolling pin clean, keeps the worktop clean, the pastry only sticks to the clingfilm and you do not need lots of extra flour to keep the pastry from sticking and changing the mix of your baking through adding a lot through the rolling process.

When you’ve attained the required size pastry you can remove the top piece of clingfilm and then lay the pastry onto your baking tin with the bottom piece holding the pastry together.

Simply place the pastry into position and then remove the cling film and trim as desired.

If you want to plan ahead or make a large batch, you could even place the pastry into some fresh clingfilm, roll it up and place in the freezer so that you have your own “ready rolled” pastry prepared

This also works well if you are rolling out marzipan or icing to decorate a cake


One response to “Quick Baking Tip

  1. Genius! And very useful in this season of many mince pies, sausage rolls, cake icing….

    Happy Christmas 🙂

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