A Call to Prayer

A friend sent this e-mail this morning and I thought it’s message was worth sharing;

It is rare that I’m woken by the call to prayer, but it had been a hot, still night and so this morning the sound of the muezzin drifted up from the valley below. It was dark at 4.40am and even the cockerels hadn’t got into full song by then. So, I got up to pray too.

Whatever we may think of our friends of other faiths, they certainly have a dedication to prayer that many of us should be envious of. We too desperately need to start each day in submission to God, and ask Him alone to be our guide and inspiration for the day ahead. May we also find times during the day when we can refocus on Him and lay our priorities, plans and concerns before Him.

Would you please join us in praying for these dear brothers and sisters, who are so fervent in their obligations but yet are without surety of salvation? And may our team here, and many others around the world, find ways of clearly communicating God’s love, truth and hope to those who are blinded to them right now.

Thank you and have a great day!


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