Faith learned from a Child’s Toy


When I was very little, I was given a toy plastic dog – he was already very old and battered but I loved him and he became my constant companion as I insisted on taking him everywhere with me.

He became known as “Doddy” as at the time I was too young to be able to say “Doggy” correctly.

One day “disaster” struck; Doddy’s eyes fell out.  You can imagine the tears and howls as I cried for Daddy to mend him which my patient, able to fix anything father did, and peace was restored to the home again.

Many years later he was retrieved from my parent’s attic and came to live in my home, standing quietly in my living room.  My only “treasured” possession from my childhood.

One day I looked at it and realised that I had learned a very important lesson in faith and trust as a small child even though at the time I did not have the faith that I have now.

You see I realised that I had to trust my earthly father to fix my problem (repairing a toy).  It was no use me standing there clinging onto the broken toy crying “Daddy it’s broken”.  I had to let go and let my father take it so that he could mend it for me.

I realised that it is the same with our Heavenly Father – sometimes we have to let go of things to enable Him to take them from us and “fix” whatever is broken.

“Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you (1 Peter 5 v7).

When I read the word “cast” I think of “throw” – throw them on Him.  I suspect my father gently prised Doddy from my hands to be able to repair him for me and sometimes our Heavenly Father will have to gently guide us into giving up a problem to him and not try to fix it ourselves.

As a two year old child does not have the ability to repair a broken toy, neither do we have the ability to repair broken lives or bodies, but our Heavenly Father does.

So; lets learn to give our problems to him and not try to fix them ourselves as we will probably fail and make things worse


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