Double Standards

As I’ve read the news recently, I’ve begun to notice how much our standards have changed and how contrary we are in this.

In some ways our moral standards have improved (which of course is good) but in others they have declined and we seem to be very inconsistent in those standards.

(When I say “We”, I mean generically as a country and culture, not necessarily my own “opinions”)

We haul “celebrities” through the courts (and in many cases rightly so) for behavior 40 years ago that we laughed at and “enjoyed” on TV.  Scantily Clad young women being chased around by a “Comedian” or Dancers on Top of the pops.  While this is an improvement in standards, at the time we scoffed at those who were saying it was wrong.  At the same time, scores of women go to shows of “exotic male dancers”

We now think families fighting and bickering with each other in Eastenders is “normal” rather than encourage families to love and care for each other and work through their problems scorning old programs like The Waltons and other programs that were uplifting.

We have TV programs “exalting” those who lay around all day on benefits and ignore their neighbor who is working long and hard hours to make some provision for their family, going without many of the luxuries that we regard as our “right”.

We allow abortion and some countries are heading towards Child euthanasia yet make a fuss about a zoo culling an animal.

A young woman would have been ashamed to be seen a little “tipsy” but now they compete to see who can drink the most and behave the worst with silly drinking games being spread over the internet and laugh at them making fools of themselves in hospital casualty wards while a very sick elderly man apologises for “bothering” the nurses.

Marriage is now seen as “disposable” and meaningless rather than something to be treasured for life yet people fight fiercely for “Gay” marriage.  People are more interested in a Wedding rather than a lifelong commitment (look at all the weddings and disasters and breakups that go on in the soaps)

Our prisoners get 3 hot meals a day, TVs, entertainment and yet our old people are left alone struggling to stay warm.

The list is endless and today I read this in the bible;

God Devotion makes a country strong; God avoidance leaves people weak (Proverbs 14 v 34 – The Message)


Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people (NIV)

We are suffering from our failure to uphold our moral standards under the guise of “human rights”.  We don’t allow parents and teachers to discipline their children yet happily teach them that our warped moral standards are right.

The way of a fool seems right to him, but a wise man listens to advice (Proverbs 12 v 15)


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