Where to go in January…

Ok it’s early days yet with this blog and I have only been doing a more in depth study of the Bible for a couple of weeks,  picking up a section of my existing reading plan.  I have not yet had any feedback on my posts to know if people like this and are finding this helpful or not.  I certainly am learning an awful lot so hope to continue to share what I learn with anyone else who wants to learn along with me.

I plan to continue posting hopefully each day working through the Bible chapter by chapter and with my current schedule will reach the end of the New Testament with Revelations ready to begin somewhere else on January the 1st 2016.

A daily reading plan of approximately 1 chapter a day with cover the whole Bible in 3 years, so the question is where to go to next?

I was thinking of starting with Matthew and working through the New Testament and then on to Psalms (or start with Psalms and then go on to the New Testament)  This will take the whole of 2016.

Alternatively I might go to Genesis and start at the very beginning and go “Cover to Cover” (this will take 3 years!!!!)

What do people think?? Will you study along with me me? Vote for a preference? Like and follow and join in with the study (I might learn something from YOU!!

Please pray for me too as I try to do this, I am learning a lot but it is challenging too


3 responses to “Where to go in January…

  1. Previously I have done studies in comparing and contrasting different books in the OT and NT. It was pretty neat haha. Seeing the parallels in Acts and Genesis and so on. A cover to cover read is something you should totally try at least once in your life! – Dillon

  2. Yes Dillon I agree. I have lost count of the number of times I have read the whole Bible through in various forms and translations. This is now an exercise in actually studying it

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