Cake Slice for the Birthday Boy


Hubby’s birthday this year fell on a day where we were helping with the church youth group, so as they can usually be relied on to devour any food available, I offered to make him a Birthday Cake.

He then decided that rather than a standard birthday cake, he wanted “one of my slices”

I have been making this on occasion for a few years now and it developed primarily from liking a Raspberry and Almond slice from a certain high street coffee shop.  In addition to that, I had made a form of individual cake/pies as an alternative to Mince pies(which I don’t like) at Christmas which were basically Jam tarts with a bit of sponge mix on top.

So: The Method;

I happened to have a bit of pastry (short) left over in the freezer so I got this out to defrost and use but you can use pre rolled, ready roll or make your own, whichever is your preference. (I’m flexible like that..)

If you need to roll out any pastry, then try my baking tip and roll it out between some cling film


Once you have rolled out your pastry to the required size, line your baking tin and bake blind for about 10 – 15 minutes.

Remove from the oven and spread jam, mincemeat, marmalade or whatever your desired filling is over the pastry base.  I had some very thick home made strawberry jam which I was using.  This was so thick I had to put the tray back into the oven to start melting the jam so that I could spread it!.


Make your cake mix;

For the size of the tin I used I made a 2 egg mix

see for my method or adjust your favorite recipe

Depending on your jam flavour you could add a little almond essence/vanilla/lemon juice or substitute some cocoa powder for about 1/4 of the flour (to make a chocolate cake topping – I would add a tiny bit extra baking powder if adding cocoa powder)

Beat your cake mix well and then spread over the top of the jam.


Return to the oven and bake for about 20-25 minutes at around 170 degrees until the cake is baked.

Now depending on how well you baked your pastry to start with, I often find that the pastry is not quite cooked, so I turn the cake out onto a cooling rack (cake side down) and then slid it back into the tin with the pastry faced up and returned it to the oven for another 5-10 minutes until the pastry was nice and crisp.


Once the cake has cooled you can ice or decorate it as you please.  Hubby decided that he wanted it kept simple and just dusted with icing sugar, so here is the end result.


Cut up into smaller slices (mine cut into 16) and enjoy with a nice up of tea (or whatever…)

As I mentioned earlier. you could make individual ones instead of mince pies or make mince pies with a difference.


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