Counting Blessings


I decided to take a bit of time out and just be thankful for some of the blessings I have had this last week.

Over the last few years since my work situation changed and I no longer enjoy a good salary (I have none at all now) I have learned to notice and appreciate the simple small blessings that God gives which previously I may not have needed and certainly not noticed.

I have had several this week, some funny, some people would call “co-incidences” (but I prefer them to be called God-incidences) – sometimes so small they can easily be missed but I am learning to see them and be thankful for them.  I don’t know if God is actually blessing me more but I’m certainly noticing them even more.

Just over a week ago hubby declared that he really, really likes sweet potato chips(fries if you are American), he has had them as a treat when we went for a meal once and I had just made some at home.  When I bought the sweet potato, the checkout assistant commented that she had seen sweet potato chips in the pre-prepared freezer section. I told hubby this and decided I would have a look to see if I could find them with the view to put them on my shopping list sometime.  On my next visit to that supermarket I found them, but I thought they were very expensive so dismissed the idea of buying any.  A couple of days later, I did my usual weekly shopping and along with my receipt, out pops a voucher for money off the sweet potato chips!! – A coincidence? – I think not.

On Monday I decided I should get my hair cut for the first time in 3 years as we were going to hubby’s work Christmas do later in the week, so I made an appointment at a local salon which offers very cheap cuts by one of their trainees.  I went for my appointment and while my hair was being done, the owner asked me if I would like to have a free manicure and eyebrow shaping treatment so that a work experience girl could learn how it was done – I wonder where that came from…..

With Christmas approaching, many people in the UK like to wear Christmas jumpers – I do not have one and did not particularly want one, especially as I did not want to spend money on something I would only be able to wear two or three times; but with various activities planned with the Church kids work and Carol Services etc, I decided that I would think a bit harder about buying a jumper/dress I had spotted and liked, which was passable as a “Christmas Jumper” but wearable at other times – but it’s price was more than I was comfortable paying.   I decided that I would go down to the shop and have a closer look and make up my mind thinking that I may be able to get more wear out of it than I initially thought.  Hubby was at home so I told him of my plan and then picked up my mail.  In my mail was a gift voucher for the shop that I wanted to go back to (Yes I had ordered it as my payment for doing on line surveys but it was a “co-incidence” that it should land on my door mat that day wasn’t it??  Yes?  Do you think so?.

Off I went to the shop armed with my gift voucher and guess what – there was now a sale on and the jumper I wanted was included, meaning that the reduced price combined with my voucher meant that I was able to buy the jumper for only a few pounds outlay.

Oh, and in addition to waking up every day in reasonable health, with a home that is paid for, food in the cupboard, my wonderful hubby noticed a dress shop  while we were on route to the supermarket that  I would never have thought of looking in to find a suitable outfit to wear to his work’s do; (I had already dismissed the idea of looking for something due to the distances involved in suitable shops and a lack of time).  He suggested that we pop in there on our way back to see if they had anything, and then insisted on buying me a lovely dress we found.

There are many, many blessings that I have received and I definitely think that if we try to notice the small things, be thankful for those, you see just how much our heavenly father loves us – he cares about the small details as well as the big things.


One response to “Counting Blessings

  1. so true … sometimes a day just counting the small blessings make even the hard days better . x

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