Genesis 3 v 7-13 : Blame Shifting


As soon as they had eaten it, they were given understanding and realised that they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and covered themselves (v7)

In chapter 2 v 25 we saw that the man and women were both naked but they felt no shame or embarrassment.  This nakedness refers mainly to their innocence, they had no reason to be ashamed because morally they had not sinned at this point.  It was only at the point of their sin of disobedience did they experience shame and guilt.  They then tried to cover themselves up not only physically, but morally.  They tried to cover up what they had done.

This then caused them to try and hide from God.  Where they had once walked through the garden freely with God, they now tried to hide but God looked for them and called them to him, just as he still does now.  He still calls us to him, even when we do wrong.  We can’t hide it and need to confess it.  He still loves us and wants to walk with us.  When he asks “Where are you?” it’s not that he does not know; but is giving the man and the woman (and us) opportunity to respond an come to him.

Later in the Bible we see God’s presence represented by thunder and lightning, cloud and smoke.  We would no longer be able to see God face to face because of our sin.

When God confronts Adam over what he had done, Adam then tries to shift the blame.  He tries to blame God and the woman;

The woman you put here with me gave me the fruit, and I ate it (v12)

Rather than acknowledge that he had failed; not only in his own obedience to God but in his responsibility for “the woman” (as we discussed in verse 6) he ultimately tried to blame God.

When God asks the woman “what have you done?” or in some translations; “why did you do this?” she again tries to shift the blame onto someone else – Satan.

The snake tricked me into eating it (v13)

Although the snake (Satan) was responsible for trying to deceive her, she was still responsible for her actions and failure to obey God’s command.  She knew it, she had told the snake, but then chose to listen to him instead of God.

Although she does not say it in the Bible, I wonder if she may have also thought or said to Adam “It’s your fault, you didn’t stop me!” rather than acknowledge her own failures.

In Romans 7 v 7 -13 Paul writes how his knowledge of the law brings opportunity to break it (sin);

If the law had not said “Do not desire what belongs to someone else” I would have not know such a desire (Romans 7 v 7)

Sin finds it’s opportunity to rise up and eventually kill us – kill our relationship with God.  I’m sure we all know that as soon as someone says “you can’t have that or do this” we immediately want it.  It would probably never have occurred to us to want it beforehand but our rebellious hearts immediately make something which is “banned” attractive.

This then brings us into conflict, we know what we should do, but find ourselves desiring to do what we should not (Romans 7 v 14-24

but God has given us the way out;

Who will rescue me from this body that is taking me to death?  Thanks be to God, who does this through our Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 2 v 24-25)

So we need to be on our guard, and not allow ourselves to be deceived as Eve was.


All quotes from the Good News Bible


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