Genesis 4 v 25-26: Seth


Adam and his wife had another son.  She said “God has given me a son to replace Abel, whom Cain killed” So she named him Seth.  Seth had a son whom he named Enosh.  It was then that people began using the LORD’s holy name in worship (Genesis 4 v 25-26)

Abel was dead, and Cain had been alienated, so Adam and Eve were given another son so that their family could continue as God had intended for them.  We don’t know the exact timescales of these events but in Genesis chapter 5 v 3 it says that Adam had lived 130 years when Seth was born so it would appear that Cain and Abel were probably well into adulthood when Cain killed Abel, not young hot-headed teenagers and it appears that they were still living at least close to their parents.

It is only after the event that we see reference to Cain having a wife and later Seth having a son.  But where did these wives come from?

We noticed that later in Chapter 5 v 3 it says that Adam had lived 130 years when Seth was born.  In verse 4 it says that Adam had other sons and daughters so it is likely that Cain and Seth’s “wives” were also their sisters.  The Hebrew word used is “ishshah” which also means woman or female.  Genesis 4 v 17 refers to Cains wife in a way that implies that she went with him when he was banished.  The land of Nod (Wandering) was barren and empty so there would not have been anyone there and there is no reference to him “finding” a wife so we can conclude that she must have been his sister.  Cain and Abel were probably the two first born and then any further children (possibly all girls) were not recorded

Acts 17 v 26 says;

From one human being he created all races on earth and made them live throughout the whole earth

Remember too that when Adam gave Eve her name in Genesis 3 v 20, it was because she was the mother of all human beings.  Adam had looked already and found that there was no-one else like him before God created her.

The laws against marrying close relatives were not brought in until the time of Moses about 2500 years later.  Adam and Eve were both created perfect and without sin.  It was sin which brought in the imperfections and gene errors as the people wandered away from God, so Adam and Eve’s children would not have been affected by any imperfect genes as there would not at that point been any. In the earlier generations it was very common to marry close relatives (Abraham’s wife Sarah was his half sister)

The Jewish tradition recorded by Josephus the historian, says that Adam and Eve actually had something like 33 sons and 23 daughters over their 8-900 year lifespan.  God had instructed them to be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1 v 28)

In Genesis 5 v 6 it says that Seth was 105 years old when Enosh was born and Joseph, the husband of Mary, Jesus’s mother was descended from this line (Luke 3 v 23-37).

It was then that people began using the Lord’s holy name in worship (v26)

Seth would have grown up knowing the story of what happened to his uncles and would have been taught the lessons from his parents mistakes too.  He obviously very wisely chose to follow and seek God and taught his own family to do the same.

But all who ask the Lord for help will be saved (Joel 2 v 32, Acts 2 v 21)

We will look next at the line of Godly men who were descended from him.


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