Finishing the Race

I did not watch much of the Olympics and only really watched a little on the last couple of days.  Most of my Olympic “exposure” was through seeing a friends Facebook posts and tags from Rio as she was out there supporting a family member (who incidently came home with a gold medal!!!).

I’m not that interested in sport but I’m still delighted to hear of our country’s athletes success – they worked hard for it and gave up a lot to achieve their goals.

Amongst all the thrill and excitement, one story caught my attention. 

It involved two young ladies: Nikki Hamblin from New Zealand and Abbey D’Agostino from America.

These two ladies fell in their race and after helping each other get back on their feet continued with the race.  It soon became apparent that Abbey was struggling and Nikki went back to help her.  She abandoned any thought she may have had of winning a medal but went to help Abbey so that they could both complete the race.

It struck me that there is a parallel with this story to our call as Christians to run the race of faith.

We are not in a race against each other!  We are in a race together.

Hebrews 12 v 1 exhorts us to run the race with perseverance.

James 1 v 12 promises the crown to those who persevere to the end.

Jude tells us to keep fighting

Both Hebrew and James and in Revelation contain many references to finishing, persevering when things get tough but the reward is promised to those who hold on to the end.

Now I’m not sure from the news reports I read whether these two ladies actually crossed the finish line but they were given a special award because they raced well.  They showed the care and compassion for another competitor which is worth more than winning.

Again we are told to work together, support one another, help those who fall to get back up onto their feet and continue even if some of the time we are carrying them.

I wrote a piece on this previously so won’t write it all again but here is the link;

Just like my friend who flew out to support her family member, there are people watching us, willing us to win, encouraging us.

So keep running, if you can’t run, walk if you can’t walk, you will find a way…not all our races are the same, we have different races to run.
See you at the finish line!


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