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What is a Best Friend?



Bestest Buddy, BBF or whatever you call them, most of us have or had someone in their life at some time who they called their “Best Friend”

But what is a “Best Friend”? How do we define or decide who our best friend is?

Thinking about this I was grateful to realise that I can count 3 “Best friends” currently in my life.

The first is the one who would probably count as my Bestest Buddy, BBF and I would always regard her as that and I think she feels the same way.  We first met as little girls of just 3 and 4 when we became almost next door neighbours.  Due to the way our birthday’s fell we were in different school years and so of course had school friends from our own class, but while we were both at the same school and still neighbours we would walk to school together and very often meet up in breaks.  We would have our girlie play times or outings as we grew up and as neither of us had a sister and I was slightly younger (and smaller) than my friend she delighted in “looking after” me.

As we got older and life took us in different directions; university, marriage, family,  moving with jobs etc. we would meet whenever we could and friendship just carried on with that special bond of a friendship that has now continued for oh lets just say a VERY long time and even when we haven’t managed to meet for a couple of years as we no longer live close enough to meet without some sort of planning dates in advance there is still  that special bond which just continues and we enjoy a “catch up” in a way that people can only do like family when you have known each other essentially for as long as you can remember.

The  second would have to be my hubby; not only did we “fall in love” in the romantic sense, we very quickly became “best friends”.  We like being together and doing things together (some people find this a bit strange in a marriage).  Sharing interests and supporting each other whatever is going on in our lives.  Yes we have some different interests and tastes but we usually find that because we know each other so well it is very easy to come to an agreement even on the “boring” stuff like choosing paint and now after 26 years of marriage we are stepping into a new venture together – moving home, change of jobs and lifestyle but we are  “Growing old with me, the best is yet to be” despite the challenges that we know are coming.

The third “Best Friend” is that one who I spend time with who lives close by, who is there when I need help or someone to feed the cat (or they need someone to feed theirs).  Who thinks of me if they think I might want to go for coffee or something, who comes and helps with DIY and checks up on me if I or hubby are ill or something happening.

Friends are special and although I am someone who is generally quite confident and independent as an individual, having these special people in your life is so valuable, especially if you do not have family close by.  We do have some family very close who we love and enjoy spending time with but sometimes people do not have family close by or are no longer around so the saying of “Friends are the family you choose” can be quite significant.

I’m grateful for the “special” friends that I have in addition to family.  Each person enriches your life in  different way (and hopefully I enrich theirs)

Cherish your friends (even the furry ones) and family.