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Peanut Butter Cake


I’m in the process of moving house so I need to use up a few of the ingredients in my cupboards.

As its a holiday weekend here I decided to make a little cake as a treat and thought I would see what would happen putting peanut butter in a cake.

I usually use the equal weight method for cakes and as there is only two of us I used a 2 egg mix. (Weigh the eggs and that gives you the weight needed for flour, fat and sugar)

I roughly halved the amount of margerine required and made the rest up with peanut butter.  All other ingredients were as usual plus a little baking powder to help with the rise and a splash of milk.

Now I used a 100% peanut butter which had no sugar, oil or salt added.  The variety of peanut butter used will obviously affect the flavour.

I  combined all the ingredients together and put the mix into a lined loaf tin which then went into a 160° oven for about 30 minutes.

Verdict?  YUUUM.

It was quite a delicate flavour which I really liked but hubby being a peanut butter addict wanted more flavour so perhaps next time I will add a pinch of salt or increase the proportion of peanut butter.

Will definitely have this again but will have to experiment a little more.

Also thinking of trying a slice toasted with some butter or jam or chocolate spread………………..