Through the Bible in one year 2018; 13th January

The readings for Friday were a little bit longer than usual and we read about Abraham sending his servant back to his home land to find a wife for Isaac.

Why did he go through so much trouble? Why did he not want a wife from Canaan for Isaac?

Well I think there were several reasons;

Firstly, Abraham had been obedient to God in leaving his home country and going to the land which He had promised to Abraham and his descendants.  He therefore knew that it would be wrong to go back and had to stay for the fulfilment of that promise.

The people of Canaan were not part of Gods plan for Abraham, they followed other Gods and Abraham knew that a wife from that nation would bring traditions, idols and the worship of other Gods which would not only draw Isaac away from God but also any children and descendants who would then not believe or follow the covenant between Abraham and God

By getting a wife from his own people, Abraham knew that the woman would worship God and understand and follow the lifestyle and traditions familiar to Abraham and Isaac and would bring any children up to trust and honour God accordingly.

Sometimes the promises of God appear to be slow to reach their fulfilment.  Even though we may be in the right place (the promised land).  We have to wait, stay where God wants us and await patiently for his promises to be fulfilled.

We also saw that once the servant had received the answer to his prayer in finding Rebekah, he didn’t wait around.  There was too much of a risk that Rebekah could have been persuaded not to go with him by her family.  He needed to get back as quickly as possible to the appointed place where God wanted them.

The readings for Saturday are;

Genesis 25 & 26

Psalm 13

Matthew 13


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