Through the Bible in one year 2018; 26th January

We saw a couple of days ago how Judah had risen to be the leader amongst his brothers.

In Genesis chapter 49 Jacob explains more to each of the 12 brothers the blessings and perhaps curses that each brother received as a consequence of their actions and in some cases inaction in the earlier days.
Reuben, Simeon and Levi had forfeited their place in the hierarchy of the family with the main blessings going to Judah as the next eldest and to Joseph as the first born of Rachel.

Jacob prophesied over Judah that the sceptre would not depart until he to whom it belongs came. Who was he referring to? Well; we read in Matthew’s account of the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1, that it was Judah’s line that was chosen for Jesus to appear. We also see from Luke’s record in Luke chapter 3 that both Joseph and Mary were descended from Judah. King David was also part of this line.

When Jacob gets to Joseph we see that despite all the opposition, Joseph was fruitful and remained strong and firm because the hand of the Mighty One of Jacob was on him.  He had stayed faithful and true to his God despite all the opposition an being in a foreign land.

In Psalm 25 we read that no one who trusts in the Lord will be put to shame but He will guide those who trust in Him and follow his ways.

The readings to Friday are:

Exodus 1 & 2

Psalm 26

Matthew 26



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