After almost 30  years working as a finance professional,  I’m currently a “housewife” and  I’ve been enjoying having the time to experiment a bit more in the kitchen and will share some of my creations.

Hubby and I have also managed to lose a lot of weight and yet still enjoy good food on an ever decreasing greatly reduced budget so I will share various tips about avoiding food waste and reducing the waist at the same time, along with the occasional comment on anything else that catches my attention.

Most of my posts however will be based on my attempt of write each day on a chapter from the Bible working through systematically,  so why not study and learn alongside me – I’m learning lots after many years of just “reading”.  I’m finding though that a chapter a day is a bit ambitious and most of the time there is enough to write about on just a few verses and these can take a couple of days to dip in and out of as time allows (sometimes you have to walk away for a while and let things “mash” in your mind to see what God may be wanting to say through you)

Occasionally I will throw in a random piece of “creative” writing as well as comments on anything else that comes along and share thoughts on our faith as well.

I hope you enjoy reading – please let me know by using the likes and comments boxes

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