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I am NOT “going on a diet”

So today, being January 1st is the day when traditionally most people make resolutions.

For some it will be “to get fit”, others will stop smoking and millions I expect will “go on a diet” only to have given up by next Monday when work resumes.

On checking my diary, I was pleased to note that I have started 2014 exactly 1 stone (14lbs) lighter than I started 2013 which I was very pleased about as over the last 6 – 8 weeks I have not been able to stick to my normal routine having been occupied with some family matters and regained about half a stone from my lowest weight in 2013 (and in fact for about 25 years) but the day after Boxing day I began being a little more careful about what I eat and despite being away for a few days managed to drop back down a couple of pounds, so to finish up at the end of the year still lighter I think is an achievement.

So on to 2014.

Do I want to lose more weight? YES.

Am I “going on a Diet”? NO.

Do I want to get fitter? YES

Am I rushing down to the GYM?  NO

For a start, my budget no longer allows for a gym membership (especially as I don’t really enjoy it) even though there is a swimming pool and gym at the end of my road.  So if the current weather allows I shall be back out walking.  My pedometer tracker tells me that I walked 2500km during 2013 (approx 1500 miles) just walking into town or about 3-4 miles every day. Even with the English weather I very rarely had days where I was unable to go out but the forecast at the moment is not good so the waterproofs will have to be put to use as I will still have chores and commitments which dictate that I walk whatever.

If the weather is nice and I’m feeling energetic I shall get my bike out.  It’s not worth using it most days as by the time I’ve togged myself up and got the bike out etc. I would be almost at my destinations walking so the bike is reserved for a bit of an adventure.  Failing that: housework always beckons which is also good exercise.

A far as “going on a Diet” is concerned; I will simply return to just being a little more careful about what I eat again (avoiding some of the comfort eating quick and easy meals we’ve had over the past few weeks) and ensure that I cook the healthy meals that we have become used to which are filling but low fat and gradually over time the pounds will slip away.

This will take a little planning and organising but is not difficult and saves time and money as well as enjoying the health benefits.

We shall still eat the nice biscuits and chocolates we were given for Christmas, but they will be carefully rationed (one a day) meaning that we will be able to enjoy them right through til February and won’t feel deprived.